Daily Dime: July 2017

Here we are again! I hope you guys had so much fun last month with our Daily Dime that you are back for more!  I loved sharing my day with you last month and reading all the lovely ladies that participated, and I’m excited we’re here for round 2!! Thank you to Miss Lauren White at A Life of Love and Joy blog for hosting this month’s link up! Be sure to check her out, wink wink.

Well, here I am at 12:15 am, I suppose my day has started even though, to me, it’s still Monday. I’m not going to lie, ladies, this month snuck up on me so I’m sharing the diary of Tuesday (yesterday) this Wednesday and it actually starts Tuesday night as I was up still working away, tap tap tap tap tapping away on the keyboard. When you are an inspiring blogger like myself your work is NEVER done. There is no one else that can do it for you. So, once again, I was nodding off at my laptop on the sofa trying to get just one more thing checked off my to-do list.

The baby woke up with me this morning at 6:30 am, but we have an early morning to prep for so Daddy has to get up so I can get ready. I received a makeup pallet to test for the blog, so once my face is on I have to take a few (100) pictures. Then we are off to an 8:15 am swim lesson for the girls. Both girls are in a 10-day swim camp. Cora hated it the first day, but on day 5 she is loving it and jumping into the pool! The first day she went she cried alllllllll day knowing she would have to go again and we tried EVERYTHING to get her excited. We told her we would take her to LegoLand, a trip we are in the process of planning anyway, and she wanted to go, but not enough to learn to swim. We bribed her with a trip to Grammy and Grampy’s house, her fave, (another one already in the works) and still no desire. My husband decided we would bring out the big guns. She has had an obsession with the Easter Bunny. This child has begged us to ask the Easter Bunny to come hide eggs for her. She seems to like him more than Santa! So, we caved. We told her we would call Mr. Easter Bunny and tell him what a great swimmer she is and see if he could make a special trip. This is HUGE! We totally thought she’d be all in. NOPE. No-go. We were shocked. It was then we knew how much she really didn’t want to go. We kept going though, and now she loves it, and now I’m putting together a special Easter basket. Ugh! #momlife At least she likes it though, Bexely still hates it and screams through the whole class…. but she’s swimming….

Tuesday and Thursday are days both girls go to daycare. They are my 2 days a week to try to get some work done. We drop them off right after swim at about 9:15 am. Now I have till about 5 pm to complete today’s to-do list

  • clean house for going away party I’m hosting tomorrow
  • get cake for party
  • get food for party
  • write this post
  • edit photos
  • submit photos for approval
  • edit another post that is due
  • laundry
  • social media engagement


That sounds like plenty right? Some of that I can do after they are home for the evening most days, but nots today! It’s Mom’s Night Out tonight for my Mom Club. Right after I pick those princesses up, I get them home and get them some dinner, try to eat something myself, then hand them off to Dada. I love a challenge, so I thought it was an awesome idea that my husband and I squeezed a date in too. We went to a 10:45 am showing of Spiderman. I know, I’m crazy, but you gotta have some hubby time sometimes! Here I sit at 3:30 pm writing this post. I’ll have to come back and add the pics from all the fun. Maybe I’ll have a fun story from MNO to share… they serve Jell-o shots at the bar we are invading tonight, so anything can happen!

So, after I finished writing this our daycare called and informed me that Bexely had some diarrhea during her nap and decided to take off her diaper and play with her poop. Isn’t that exciting? Apparently, it was such a mess she needed a bath and they had to toss the pack n’ play. I went and dug out our old one to replace it, ha ha ha. I think my poor honey swallowed too much pool water. I picked the girls up but hadn’t crossed off enough to-do’s so I had to skip MNO. Bexley screamed the whole drive home and was super fussy when we got to the house and that always makes dinner and bed time difficult because I can’t put her down. I gave Bex some Motrin, she is getting her last 4 teeth and I made them some mac-n-cheese. While I was cooking Bexely decided to climb up to Cora’s bed for the first time. Evan and I decided it was time to flip her bed so it’s on the ground so there is no ladder for a while. That was unexpected time too. Since I was now home for bed time I laid down with Cora, but she was taking forever to fall asleep, more time tick-tocking away, but I do love snuggling her. We were supposed to go to a water park tomorrow morning after swim lessons, but I’m not even close to ready for the party with all the stuff that ended up happening tonight, so we might have to pass on that too. Cora was invited to a play date in the morning, so she won’t really be missing out and I won’t be completely stressed.

Hope you enjoyed another peek into our daily lives. It was one for the blog, for sure. Swimming, pooping, blogging. Don’t forget to visit some of the other ladies who joined in the Daily Dime link up. There’s still time for you to join in the fun this month too!