She’s Three! My Threenager of Mass Destruction.

Cora is 3! The sass has kicked into full gear. Having a three year old is like being at war. They are toddlers of mass destruction. It takes research, strategy and  weapons. It’s in my nature to threaten and punish, but that’s not how I want to communicate with her. Reason and logic are not something three year old poses. This makes battle futile! Diversion is my number one weapon. I usually try to use humor to distract her if I can’t get her to focus and talk to me. I find that whatever the issue, it is usually due to an excess of pent up energy. Toddlers are little balls of energy, and they suck the energy out of everything around them. You end up depleted, and they are still bouncing off the walls. She starts to get loud and obnoxious, running crazy and jumping on furniture, and gets physical with her little sister when the spike hits. Some nights I can manage it, but others I am happy we both get out alive!

When she is cute, oh, she is cute! And boy can she turn it on at bed time. She wants all the snuggles. Pets my face, sings to me, gives me all the kisses, anything to not have to go to sleep. I eat it up! It wont be long before she wont need me or want me. I’m a proud mama that she is affectionate. When she wants to sit on my lap, or be held, it’s not so much primal anymore like as a baby. She is actively seeking my attention, because she genuinely wants it. There is nothing better than the embrace of her little arms, and sticky sloppy kiss. Sometimes I will be snuggling her when I come to bed (she co-sleeps), and I will hold her tights, and I get this urge to put her back in my belly. Where I can keep her warm and safe, and we can be as one always. It sounds creepy when I say it out loud, but I swear it feels SO natural in the moment.

Three is fun. I love to watch her play when she isn’t busy plotting my demise. She usually plays out recent events with her little figurines and dolls.  It’s always interesting to see the moments of the day that make an impact, and as seen through her eyes. Her sense of humor has started to develop, for that I credit her father. She tells stories and recognizes pretend from reality. I consider myself lucky to be home to witness these small developmental stages unfold before my eyes. There are plenty of moments I want to be anywhere else, but then the cuteness, in the nick of time, reminds me why I’m here. Why my nice clothes are covered in snot, and I’m drinking cold coffee I’ve microwaved twice already. She is a smart, witty, opinionated threenager. The fun is worth every bit of frustration when she smiles up at me and says “You’re a good Mommy!”.

She loves to go to Disneyland. Her favorite princess is Ariel, and Rapunzel is a close second. She loves to pretend she’s a doggy and is infatuated with kitties. She has started to sing along and remember song lyrics. Her dancing skills are inspiring. Her fear of the dark is infuriating at bedtime. Still a picky eater. Fully potty trained. Loves to do puzzles, read stories, and play her ipad. She helps Daddy make Minnie Mouse waffles every weekend.

Cora has really started to enjoy being a big sister. She still has some moments of jealousy and can get frustrated when her personal bubble is invaded, but who doesn’t? They play really well together, chasing each other back and forth through the house. She will pick a toy for sister to have a turn with. Even asking if sister can come play on occasion. We sing, we dance, and we love. I’m excited for 3. To see the world through a 3 year old’s eyes. To know what she is thinking, because now she can communicate. I’ve learned a great deal from her the past 3 years, and I know there is so much more for her to teach me.