With Love, the Padgetts

One of my favorite things about the Holidays is all the Christmas Cards I get, with beautiful pictures of happy families. Before having kids of my own I thought they were cheesy. Now all I can see is the love. It’s no easy feat to get kids, of any age, to take a picture on demand. They don’t want to wear the outfit, they are hungry, they are tired, they are sick, and they are impatient.

In our case, they were woken up from their nap, their clothes thrown on, and hair done, and raced to the beach to catch the sunset. As hard as we tried to get them to go down for a nap early, they know! They know intuitively you need them to sleep, RIGHT NOW! So they don’t! The sunset was gorgeous, it was a perfect evening for a photo. The waves were huge, and they were too big for Cora, so she wouldn’t let us put her down. Notice we are holding both girls in all the group pics. Bex apparently hates the sand, in the one photo we took away from the water. It was all worth it! We got some beautiful family photos with some great memories behind them. Next year though, maybe we wont plan around mother nature, we’ll plan around the kids.

Thank you to my very talented friend and photographer Angela Kim.