Mahalo Maui

My Husband and I have vacationed on Hawaiian islands for the past three years. This is the second Babymoon in Hawaii. This was our first trip to Maui. We have also visited Oahu and Kauai. For this trip we did a home share with our very great friends from Oregon. We found the most amazing home with a pool and an ocean view. My Hubby loves to snorkel. He became obsessed after our first vacation in Hawaii. I’ve never been a fan of getting in the ocean. Since I can remember I’ve had an irrational fear of fish. Of course I have the normal fear of sharks. I prefer to sit in the sun and read a book or magazine. When we had Cora, I made him a deal that from here on out I wouldn’t let my fear show to our kids. More than anything he wanted me to go snorkeling with him. I told him I would try but I made no promises that it would be something I did more than once, if the first attempt was even successful. It took me a few minutes to adjust to the breathing under water thing. So weird!

I have always admitted that I knew I was missing out while everyone else was snorkeling. The vacation we took with our friends in Kauai, they brought the Go-Pro camera so I got to see what they saw. While I have a fear of fish, I also think they are majestic. Once I was able to get comfortable with my Husband out in the water I enjoyed myself. I didn’t want to get close to the fish, but seeing them in the reef was incredible. The second trip I took with him was at Black Rock. It was a lot of the same fish I’d seen the day before, but as we headed back we saw a few turtles. I don’t know what it is about the turtles, but they captivating! When we approached the shore I noticed a huge crowd, and looked down to find a 4 foot turtle just eating in the middle of the group. My Husband told me this would be one of the biggest I may ever see, so we decided to go back out for a few and follow the turtle. I am so glad we did… it met up with a female turtle it’s size, and they were dancing under the water. It was the most magical and romantic thing I’ve ever seen, and I got to share it with my Husband. We will cherish this memory forever. I’m so glad I made the effort to get past the fear. I look forward to future vacations with our girls.

This trip we weren’t sure if Cora would really enjoy herself. My Mother came along to help me out on the sidelines. I consider this crucial to the success and enjoyment of our trip. Thanks Mom! I made sure to have Cora in swim lessons for the past few months leading up to the trip. I hoped she would enjoy playing in the water. Toward the end of the lessons it wasn’t looking promising. She was going under the water well, holding her breath, but wasn’t excited to swim. The second her cousins jumped in the pool, it was all over. We were in the pool and the ocean daily. It warmed my heart to watch her play and bond with Dada. It made the trip so much more meaningful. This is the last time we will go on vacation the three of us. With baby sister on the way we were hoping to make this trip something special. I know she may not remember it, but the photos and videos we captured for her are priceless.

Maui was so good to us. We arrived just after a tropical storm so it was a little windy some days. The food was delicious, the beaches were stunning, the people were so friendly. We had a private chef come cook us all dinner one night. We took Cora to a Luau with fire dancers. My Husband and his friend golfed at some amazing courses. I would definitely recommend Maui as a family destination, and I think we will head back in the near future.

Mahalo Maui!