Do I Really Need This?


When I was registering for our baby shower I was blown away by how many things the stores list on their checklist. Consumers can be so gullible. I guess the corporations assume anything scanned onto the registry is gifted to the new parents, so make sure to sell them a little of everything they don’t need. One of our friends said it best “you will use 10% of the stuff 90% of the time, and 90% of the stuff 10% of the time, if at all.” Some of our stuff is still in it’s box. One of the items I laughed at was a wipe warmer. “Seriously?” I thought. What a waste of money. Ha, ha, ha! I was soooo wrong. My little precious threw a fit every time we changed her diaper when she was first born. She didn’t like being naked, cold, or changed. I wouldn’t like it either to be honest. So we ran out and got a wipe warmer. It was a lifesaver.

Butt Spray? Why on earth would you need butt spray???? Turns out to be quite helpful. Once the babies start eating solid foods some of their poops take some serious elbow grease to get off with just a wipe.

A leash? Are our children dogs? Obviously no one thinks their little one is the equivalent of a dog. I remember in my youth thinking children’s leashes were for lazy unfit parents. HA! For the newly walking toddler that can’t talk yet and is still figuring out their boundaries it is a must-have. My little girlie will still hang out in carrier, but she wont stay put in a stroller long. The leash allows her to explore within my radius.

Nose Frida… You want me to suck the snot out of my babies nose? Gross! But once you are a Mommy of a sicko baby you will do anything to relieve the discomfort. Compared to nose aspirator, the Nose Frida is the bomb. Instant relief for a stuffy nose, and instant gratification for the struggling parent.

Those breast feeding covers are so ugly! And they scream “Hey LOOK! I’m breastfeeding my baby!” I protested for the longest time before I purchased the cover. I tried using the swaddle or blanket, but at the end of the day that strap, and the wire in the blanket so I could see what I was doing, saved the day. I had a very difficult time with latching. For the first few month the baby couldn’t latch without my guidance and it took both hands for me to get situated. There would be no public outings without that cover. I still think they are ugly attention grabbers, but it’s more important to feed that baby.

Well, none of these items fall under the NEED category. Moms everywhere have raised children without a wipe warmer. They are all designed to make life easier for us Mommies, and they do. They aren’t the waste of money I thought they were.