Weekend Cardigan 

Last week was a bummer! Cora and I recovered from the stomach bug last weekend, and by Thursday Cora had an ear infection. The infection went away over night, but my poor girl has been through it all this cold and flu season! The warm Spring weather needs to come chase away all the cooties. Little Bexley got her top 2 molars last weekend, is getting 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth this week, and her bottom molars aren’t far behind. This little one is just miserable. My heart just breaks for babies cutting their teeth. We were glad to leave the week behind and have some weekend fun.

Jeans and a white tee are literally my momiform. They key to making it fashionable is picking some jeans with a little flare, then layering the white tee. Here I have a chevron stripped Missoni for target cardigan that I don’t think I’ll ever part with. Shoes are also a must-have statement piece when wearing the basic staples for an outfit. These pom-pom shoes are Spring must have in my opinion. They are so casual and fun! Perfect for chasing the girls all over the park on a Saturday morning.





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