Dress Up Your Mom Jeans: Faux Fur Sweater 

All black is always flattering. It’s still cold enough to layer out, and I love to mix texture when I layer. I got this faux sweater from H&M a few seasons ago, but I still love it. It’s surprising warm while being super light weight. Accessories are always a key to add a little personality to an all black outfit. These earrings are from Rocksbox, one of my new obsessions for jewelry. Sunglasses are Prada, Bracelets are from Nordies, and the teething bracelet, that’s right, the white bangle is really a teether! It’s Mama & Little.

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  1. Kimberly

    Love that sweater! I wish I didn’t live in a hot and humid climate because my mom jeans could use some dressing up. Would definitely buy something like that.

  2. SIC Mama

    Love this look! That sweater really makes it. My favorite thing about the all black look is that it’s very slimming and can go from sophisticated to sexy in a flash.

  3. HappyEcoMama

    Super cute! So nice and easy. I’m definitely trying this look, albeit in another 6 months when Western Australia isn’t reaching over 100F lol

    What lipstick is that btw? I love it!

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