A Mouth Full

My toddler is FINALLY done with teething! Aside from sleep, teething seems to be one of the more hot topics among Moms. One of the #1 questions I see posted on Mom boards is if the Amber Necklace actually works? I can’t say for certain, but we were gifted one and it rarely left her neck. I do know from the little research I did, you want to ensure it is real amber and it should be placed in the sun from time to time to “charge”. Some people wrap the necklace around the baby’s ankle at night, but I found it more hassle than it was worth. We left it on her neck and we never had any type of problems.

Throughout the year of teething different things soothed her. In the beginning for the top and bottom front teeth, my bugaboo was happy to chew on any type of teething toys. She was especially fond of the Sophie giraffe and other silicone items. I never left the house without a teething necklace. My favorite are Chewbeads and Mama and Little. Frozen washcloths and cucumbers were good too.

Vampire teeth were a challenge. This is when the sleeplessness, fevers, loss of appetite and real irritation started. This is when we found Hyland’s Natural teething tabs. They worked so well, by the time we got to the molar stage, she would ask for them. A few nights we had to succumb and give her Orajel natural. As we moved to the molars toys weren’t very effective. It was hard for her to fit them in the back of her mouth. I recommend children’s toothbrushes! I found this one that is 360 degree bristles. She loved this! It was a great way to introduce her to oral care.