Pregnancy the Second Time Around

Second Time Around

My first pregnancy was majestic and exciting. A whole new world of mystery. Hormones raging, emotions off the charts. With the world of social media pressure to take belly pictures weekly, have a picture perfect nursery, and a baby shower that takes as much planning as a wedding, the first pregnancy was overwhelming. This time though, all the cliches are true. I’m 25 weeks along and only have a few belly pics. This baby wont have a brand new nursery, she will share with her bug, and co-sleep with us for at least the first year. We won’t throw a huge baby shower, we will have a small “sprinkle”, is what they are referred to now. First time around I was planning the shower from the day I confirmed the gender, I have barely thought about planing a sprinkle. We’re having another girl so we have most of what we will need. Chasing after a toddler takes all my time. We put her in Daycare 3 days a week to prepare for the arrival of Sister. We wanted to give her ample time to adjust so there was less change when the new baby arrives. Of course, I had the bright idea to take on a freelance project, so 2 of those 3 days I’m in a corporate office, and I’m juggling a toddler, emails and documents from home all other hours of the week. The magic is not the same the second time around. It’s still magical and just as exciting, as we tried for months before getting pregnant, it just doesn’t manifest physically. I’m thrilled for Bugaboo to have a little sister, I think sisters are such a wonderful thing. I can’t wait to meet sister and see how she is alike and different from Cora. I’m still just as nervous for delivery, as the first one was 36 hours long, and I was in excruciating back labor for a chunk of that. I’d really love for that to not happen this time. I am much better prepared for the side effects. I have all the remedies. I remember what worked and what didn’t the last time, and now I have an endless circle of Mommy friends I can rely on for additional support. Becoming a parent, in general, it’s amazing how many cliches aren’t so cliché after all, it’s just how it is. Being pregnant when you have a little one to chase after, your priorities are different now.