Binkie Bites: Big Game PB&J Bites

Even if you don’t follow football all season long your bound to be invited to a Big Game bash. If you are hosting or attending here is a great way to make a classic PB&J a little more festive for the kiddos.

Spread your peanut butter of choice onto a tortilla. Roll it up and cut into slices. Take a variety of preserves and top off each roll. It’s that simple! Get the kids involved in making them.

A few more ideas to serve them:

Make a jelly dipping station instead of frosting them.

Top them off with a banana.

Use a chocolate spread.

Roll mini chocolate chips into the peanut butter.

No matter how you roll, these are a crowd pleaser.


  1. QueenCityMama

    I love the idea of the kids being involved in making snacks! I also love this snack idea. I have done it with lunch meat and cheese but would have never thought of this. Great idea!

  2. Christine Cox

    This is so cleaver. I always have wraps that I tend to eat instead of bread, but I never thought about giving them to the kids too. I will def. be trying this PB&J idea with them!

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