Trends We Love: Fall Lipstick 

Fall lipstick this season has gone blue and I am OBSESSED. Purple and browns have carried over from last year, but the true blue is a departure from the usual trendy color family.  It’s not a trend you’ll likely find in your Mommy & Me class, but I’ve never been one to shy away from lipstick, or bold make up trends.  If it’s a trend you are wanting to try here are a few tips to pulling it off…

  • Application is key! Use a nude lip liner to outline and apply a lip primer. Apply the lipstick with a brush the first application.
  • Don’t wear blue! You shouldn’t match your lipstick to your top.
  • Wear a full face of makeup, but keep it neutral.
  • Pair a bold blue, with soft, feminine and delicate textures in the pastel pink, or burgundy color families. If you wear black clothing it can change the look to a more gothic tone. If you wear a white or neutral tone it will create too much of a contrast and the blue lips will be the only focal point.
  • Be Confident! It helps if you are a lipstick wearer. If you aren’t confident in a red lip, I would suggest this trend may not be for you. If you want to get past your fear of a bold lip, wear the lip color around the house until you can walk by the mirror and not be shocked by the reflection. Wearing a different lip color than you are used to is no different than a drastic hair cut or color change, except the lipstick washes off. It will take a minute for your brain to recognize you, it doesn’t mean it looks bad.