10 Makeup Tips for Everyone

As a stay-at-home mom I don’t always get to wear the full face of makeup I’d like to, but I still use it daily. As a former makeup artist, I promised myself I wouldn’t let being a mom alter my love and obsession with makeup, and I haven’t. There is a pretty big difference between the “everyday/every women” makeup and the makeup art floating around Pinterest and Instagram. There are also many magazine articles sponsored by cosmetics that give tips & tricks that a makeup artist wouldn’t suggest to use in real life. Here are my TOP 10 makeup tips for the average makeup user.

lash kit

Use a makeup remover: Using soap and water without removing your makeup first is like soaping in the shower on top of your clothes.

Moisturize: EVERYONE needs to moisturize. Period.

Foundation THEN concealer: If you are using both putting the concealer on first is a waste. You will cover everything you see, overusing the concealer on blemishes your foundation would’ve covered. In some cases, depending on the products you use, the foundation can wipe away the concealer.

Foundation needs blush: Many think that a foundation is too light because they look dead when they put it on. The foundation is doing its job. It’s making your skin all one color, evening out skin tone. If the foundation blends into the neck, the foundation isn’t too light. when a foundation is medium – full coverage it requires a bronzer and or blush to add the flesh color back to the skin.

Brushes: Always use a brush! There are very few situations I suggest using your fingers. Body temp and skin oils can alter a makeup’s texture and change the chemistry of the product. Sponges breed bacteria and absorb a large amount of product. Invest in the best brushes you can afford once you know what ones you like. Many brushes are made for a specific technique but might work great for something different. Start with a cheap version till you know what ones work best for you. When picking brushes remember – the tighter the bristle the heavier the product, so if you have a heavy hand consider using a fluffier brush.

Eyebrows: They are the frame of your face. They don’t have to look stenciled like most of the Instagirls, but they should be shaped and clean-always.

Replace mascara every 3 months: Even if you haven’t used it all. Once the mascara is open the air will begin to dry it out. Bacteria will begin to grow. Trust me, your lashes will thank you.

Use a primer: It’s a waste of makeup if it doesn’t last all day. I personally love the Urban Decay Primer Potion for eye shadow, and the MAC face and lip prep and primers.

Compliment – Don’t Match: Your shadow should not match your outfit, it should compliment what you are wearing or your features. The only time you should match to your clothing on purpose, is wearing a Red or Pink lipstick to go with a Red or Pink top/dress. The same rule applies to your eye color. If you have blue eyes, don’t wear a blue shadow. Try a contrasting color, like a coral or burnt copper.

Make Time: Look better, feel better, do better. It’s not about looking good for your husband or impressing the moms at school drop off. It’s about feeling the best you can. 5-10 minutes each morning can make you feel like a Momista all day. Feeling good is an imperative part of a productive day!